Powermaster (Godmaster) Overlord D-307

I've always loved Overlord!  About 15 years ago, I discovered there was an entire world of Transformers in Japan that we never got here in the USA.  After the original cartoon was cancelled here, it continued on in Japan.  Overlord is from one of those series called Super-God Masterforce.  After watching a dubbed version of the show, and looking up the associated toyline on the internet, I decided that one day I would buy Overlord.  I was a struggling college student at the time, so his price tag was impossible.

Fast forward to 2013.  A few of my good friends have Overlord in their collections.  So of course, I see him all the time, and the temptation has been growing.  His price has increased over the years as the Transformers fandom has grown (thanks Michael Bay... I think).  But I finally decided that it was my time to own him!  Through a friend of a friend, I was able to find one in Japan for a good price.

When he arrived I was surprised by the size of his box.  I've seen many pictures of him, and I know he's very tall.  But for some reason it never clicked in my head (big bot = big box).  The box and foam that mine came in were in terrible condition.  Luckily, I'm not big into displaying boxes.  It's getting shoved in the closet anyway.

Overall I am very pleased with him.  His overall condition is beautiful.  His joints are good, stickers are nice, and he's not scratched or cracked at all.  His Powermasters (known as Godmasters in Japan), Mega and Giga have some chrome wear on their backs.  But I have learned that's not unusual and mine are actually pretty nice compared to most.

With all his modes and pieces his playability is off the charts.  If I would have had him as a kid in 1988, I would have been in heaven.  He is his own self contained playset (suck it, Sixshot).  The  Megajet is a very cool toy all by itself.  If it wasn't a Transformers at all, I could still see kids enjoying it.  The Gigatank isn't as cool as the jet, in my opinion.  But it's still a nice toy to have as part of the set.  In addition to his jet, tank, and robot mode.  He also has a base mode.  To be honest, I'm not crazy about the base.  But it's nice that he's so versatile.  

He is now the centerpiece of my loose G1 collection.  I would advise anyone that has thought about getting him, to do it.  He is an awesome toy and let's be honest, owning rare Japanese Transformers feels goooooood.  He is also a very cool character (especially in Last Stand of the Wreckers).  I dare you to read the Last Stand of the Wreckers and not want an Overlord.  You can't do it.  It's like trying to only eat one potato chip.


  1. Love the potato chip analogy. I'm glad you were able to add him to your collection!

  2. It's nice to see someone's dream finally coming true. Congrats!

  3. He is a thing of beauty. I can't to get one of my own someday. Great stuff

  4. Like Optimal said, Overlord is a thing of beauty and such an impressive piece. I've had 3-4 pieces of MIB Overlord that 'cycled' through my collection (something Arkvander always said I'm guilty of, the 'cycling though my collection part' that is), and each time, its heart-wreching to have to sell it. I still have a near C-10 MISB piece for myself, but then, I'd have loved to keep them all!

    Welcome to the blogging world! I will add you to my blog-roll list.