Cubex - Old Timer Series 01 - Engineer Huff

Old Timer Series 01 - Engineer Huff is Cubex's version of the Generation 1 minibot Huffer.  Masterpiece style Huffer?  Yes, please!  How could I say no to another Season 1 autobot car?  Once again, the nostalgia factor is off the charts.  These are the characters I ran home from school to watch everyday.  I loved my Generation One Transformers toys as a kid in the 80s.  They were the coolest toys of that era.  But lets face it, a lot of them looked nothing like the characters that we saw in the cartoon.  The masterpiece line is fixing that for us 30 years later.

Huff is a very accurate interpretation of Huffer.  For the most part he looks like the character we see in the Generation One cartoon.  From his face, to his smoke stack arms, and overall color scheme.  This is without a doubt, Huffer!

 For now, he scales very well with the existing masterpiece line.  His height puts him around Optimus Prime's waist and just below the shoulders of the full size Autobots cars (Sideswipe, Prowl, etc.)  As he is the first minibot created specifically for this line, he fits in perfectly.  We'll see how he scales with MP-21 Bumblebee when he is released later this year.

His alt mode is fairly accurate as well.  He scales great with the Spike figure that came with MP-10.  Spike can even sit inside of him in truck mode.  He is a smaller truck but still big enough to tow Optimus Prime's trailer, like he did in episode 14: Heavy Metal War.  Cubex actually molded his trailer hitch so it would fit almost perfectly with the trailer that came with MP-10 Optimus Prime.  It's a nice little gimmick for geeks like me that will re-create scenes from the cartoon.

His articulation is great.  He has joints all over the place and can strike a lot of poses.  

Huff also comes with some pretty nice "extras".  His instruction booklet is literally a stapled booklet and not a piece of folded paper.  It is very nice with good step by step details and some great pics and art throughout.  They were even nice enough to add English language instructions to the book.   

He also comes with two nice stat cards.  They both seem to serve the same purpose.  But I won't complain about getting more stuff.  It's nice little throw ins like this that make you feel like you have received something special.  He also comes with an alternate head and hands (not pictured).  

Now onto the unavoidable negative:  Quality Control.  So far I have been lucky and my Huff is still hanging in there with very minimal paint issues.  Mine had a scrape on one of his arms right out of the box.  I'm ok with that.  However, many collectors are reporting that the blue paint on their Huff is flaking off.  It seems like the factory that produced Huff did not do a good job with the paint process, and it's not a matter of if your paint will come off, it's a matter of when.  After taking pics and transforming him once, I haven't really touched him again (and I never touched the blue paint apps with my fingers).  So far so good.  But I know it will happen eventually.  Most of us are holding our breath and hoping someone like will create a sticker set for Huff to replace the bad paint.

For a first attempt, Cubex almost got it right.  Their engineering, character accuracy, and scale are right on in my opinion.  However, the quality control is some of the worst I've ever seen.  It won't keep me from purchasing their next figure (if they make another one).  But I will definitely wait for the in hand reviews before I make my decision.

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  1. I have looked over mine time and time again and I just don't see any issues or potential issues with the paint. That aside, I love this release. I ultimately choose Cubex over XTransbots in part to the extras included and how the wheel assembles don't hang off the sides of his legs.