Masterpiece Prowl MP-17

My Masterpiece Prowl was delivered today.  I couldn't wait to rip him open and play with him... strike that, I meant carefully cut his box tape and inspect him.  The Fairlady Z cars (Prowl, Bluestreak, and Smokescreen) were character models that stuck out to me, in Generation 1.  The front end chest and door wings just ooze coolness.   Prowl may not have been a memorable personality in the show.  But his likeness is instantly recognizable.  To this day when someone says Generation One Transformers, it's not long before his image pops in my head.  Also, having one of the most disturbing deaths in Transformers:  The Movie probably helped preserve his legacy.  It utterly shocked me as a child and I still remember how I felt in that moment over 25 years later.

I get the same feeling after Taco Bell

The box is the same size as MP-12 Masterpiece Sideswipe.  In fact it's the same all around.  They only changed the items specific to Prowl, like his picture and name.  I assume the Japanese text is different.  But since I don't read Japanese, and there's no Google translate app on my phone, I can't tell the difference.

After taking him out of the box I notice he's about the same size as MP-12 also.  I think everyone was expecting that so no surprises there.  The car is based off of a 1979 Datsun 280zx.  Apparently, Nissan owns Datsun now or vice versa and that is why he has a Nissan logo.  But, the history of that is for another blog.

He has plastic tires, and mine kind of rolls.  There is just enough clearance underneath on mine to roll in car mode.  So if you want to play chase and race him around, do it carefully.  His gun attaches to the back of his police lights.  I don't ever remember him doing that in the show so it must be for toy gimmick.

After transforming him I start to realize how great he really is.  His likeness is almost spot on!  My good friend Scott is disappointed that his door wings don't point up at the ends.  But I can live without that.  From the front he seems flawless.  From behind it's easy to notice his hollow legs and feet.  He also has a kibble backpack that was the roof of his car.  I can look past those things though.  I'm no toy engineer, but I would imagine it ain't easy pulling off a masterpiece Transformer.

Shoulder cannons tucked under his roof backpack.

He has one small paint application flaw that I can see.  His head crest isn't quite painted all the way.  A small touch of paint will fix that though, and I doubt it's a running problem.  Overall his auto body paint is great.  After the MP-12 paint debacle, I was a tad worried.

He has tons of articulation.  During transformation you have to spin his lower half around (just like the original G1 toy).  That adds a nice waist swivel to his articulation.  His hands are a bit of a let down.  I was hoping for individual fingers.  But again, if it was a corner they had to cut to produce this guy and make him affordable, I'll live with it.

I think he fits in perfectly with his previous Masterpiece teammates.  Overall I think he's great.  Like the previous releases he is not perfect.  But he is close.  In my opinion he's THE definitive G1 Prowl and worth every penny it cost to import him.

Top flight security of the world, Craig!

Why Prowl touch my nose?
Suck it, Wheelie!


  1. Prowl was always one of my favorite toys and characters as a kid, I'm glad he finally gets the figure he deserves. The scene in the '86 movie scarred me BTW.

  2. Oh man waiting for mine is getting harder and harder! Great job.

  3. Sweet! I can't wait for mine to get here! I really like the pic of Prowl riding Grimlock.