Generation 1 Pre-rub Jazz AFA 85 NM+

When somebody says "Generation One Transformers" the first thing that pops into my head are the 1984-1985 autobot cars.  I was 6 years old in 1984 and I still remember the Transformers phenomenon like it was yesterday.  All my friends at school were into them, and we all had our favorite.  We brought them to show and tell, and played with them at each others houses.  One of my lofty goals as an adult Transformers collector is to have all of the 1984-1985 autobot cars MISB.  That leads perfectly into this recent acquisition.

A few months ago, a good friend of mine decided to re-focus his collection.  He decided to sell some Transformers that didn't really fit for him anymore.  Being the bro that he is, he offered these items up to his circle of Transformers friends at a good price.  One of the items instantly caught my attention: Jazz!

When I saw G1 Jazz MISB on his list, I knew it was time to pounce.  It was such a no brainer.  How often do you find a rare and expensive item that is exactly what you want to collect, being sold by someone you trust completely?  In my case, it's not very often.  I could see the item in my hands, I knew it wasn't a knock off, and I didn't have to worry about shipping.  It was too perfect of an opportunity to miss.  Oh, and he gave me a great deal on it too!

I brought him home and immediately sat down to admire and take some pictures of him.  His overall grade is an 85 NM+.  That means he is Near Mint+ (the highest grade given before an item is considered Mint).  For a toy that is pushing 30 years old, that is amazingly good.  The box is nice and clean with minimal wear and no tears.  There is no flap crease to be found.

The only negative I could mention is the tape on the sides of the box.  After 30 years, the tape has dried up and fallen off.  Luckily Jazz was graded and sealed before the tape gave up.  This is a nightmare scenario for me personally (and another reason I like graded figures).  I would be heartbroken if I paid a premium for a nice MISB G1 only to have the tape come off.  Now that it is sealed in an AFA case, I don't feel bad about it.  The tape will always be in there as "proof".

Jazz is the first of my G1 autobot cars MISB/AFA collection.  I doubt I'll ever get lucky enough to find a deal on the rest of them, like I got on Jazz.  I think most of them have been Knocked Off now, and that makes building a collection like this even more challenging.  So for now I will thoroughly enjoy Jazz, until all are one (in my collection room)!


  1. My "Jazz" is Sunstreaker, hence my reasoning for jumping on the GIG Diaclone of him last year. Congrats on an awesome pick up!

  2. What a nice story. Great to hear that there are collectors out there still willing to do their friends a solid. It looks like a beautiful piece, preserved for posterity. Congrats man!